[JPL] Dewey Redman tunes...

Kenwatt at aol.com Kenwatt at aol.com
Tue Sep 5 11:36:19 EDT 2006

Hey Folks!
What are some Dewey Redman compositions -- especially the more "prominent"  
or more played ones? And, how much of the music that he & Keith Jarrett  
recorded were his tunes?
I have a standing Tuesday night thing here in Atlanta & want to  dedicate 
some of it to his memory... As well-known as he was, he was STILL  vastly 
underrated as a contributor to the never ending jazz "river" and  for his highly 
original voice on the horn...
I know that he did some writing for Old & New Dreams as well -- maybe  we'll 
pull some of that out tonight.
Plus, seems like he was a damned good teacher &  inspiration -- just look at 
Very best,
Ken Watters
_http://www.wattersbrothers.com_ (http://www.wattersbrothers.com) 
(256)603-5059 (cell)

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