[JPL] Diana Krall/Clayton Hamilton Jazz Orchestra???

John La Barbera deaver at otherside.com
Tue Sep 5 19:05:12 EDT 2006

As someone whose been there done that, got the test pressing,  I'd 
say that all of you are correct.
1.  Jae, The band DOES make the CD what it is.

2.  Tom, to NOT even mention Terell  (whose hotter than a barrel of 
oil) and Anthony Wilson, et. al. is just stupid management type calls 
(or current husband).

3.  Eve, Paid very well is a relative term compared to what their 
talent contributes as with ( just like the Natalie Cole CDs) Bill 
Holman & Johnny Mandel.

That said, any time a working big band can snare one of these 
projects I say, I don't care how, where, when or how much, I so glad 
its being considered by those in control of A&R.  John

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