[JPL] Trane Time

Jim Wilke jwilke123 at comcast.net
Wed Sep 6 16:17:12 EDT 2006

OK, now a little gripe.   Why would Concord send out a sampler CD from 
the Fearless Leader set and include 9 tunes from various albums without 
a shred of info about personnel or recording dates or even original 
albums?   Thanks a lot to Patrick Milligan and Cheryl Pawelski who 
"produced and compiled" the album  but only tell us John Coltrane is 
playing on it.

Was that Wilbur Harden on fluegelhorn on "I'll Get By"?  and who was in 
the rhythm section, was that Red?  Are we not supposed to be interested 
in this info?  If this was a compilation for jazz radio they sure 
missed!  It's kinda worthless to those programmers who'd be most likely 
to use it.

Jim Wilke
Jazz After Hours, PRI

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