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Hi Brad -

Have been reading with interest your exchange with Bob R -- while I  
agree with Bob's idealism this is wishful thinking in today's radio  
world.  As we discussed earlier this week on the phone there are  
pressures on many stations, particularly JazzWeek NPR affiliates, to  
make sure that the music that attracts memberships / contributions  
from the moneyed mature listener (your doctor, lawyer, accountant,  
etc. who is fixated on, e.g., Oscar, Ella and Sarah or Diana, Wynton  
and Harry Connick).  That said it is possible to play currents.  When  
I did my shift at KUVO there was a similar set of parameters (i.e. a  
minimum number of currents had to be played from a very diverse and  
extensive -- i.e. dozens -- of new CDs Arturo put into rotation) and  
the DJs also had freedom to select a lot of music (other guidelines  
were a "classic" at the top of each hour, no more than 2 or perhaps  
it was 3 vocals an hour and never 2 in a row, etc.).  That said I  
purposely played NOTHING but currents (including tracks from new  
reissues like House That Trane Built or Miles Prestige Sessions, etc.  
as my top of the hour classic) on my final 3 shows and it was a GAS!   
We're talking about 3 hours or some 20+ tracks of new music and had  
no trouble being creative and spontaneous.

So I think the common denominator between you and Bob is having a DJ  
with good ears and a good sense of segues (both conceptual and  
musical content) behind the mike as opposed to people whose concept  
of a radio show -- as I've posted here before -- is their personal  
version of "My Favorite Things" which are usually only what THEY want  
to hear and usually linked to THEIR personal idea of what is "good"  
music but in the long run very self-indulgent and BORING from at  
least this listener's standpoint.  I never did learn what my audience  
was doing Friday Night Jazz at KUVO and never got a ton of  
contributions but I must add that those listeners that DID contact me  
thanked me from playing yet another version of the safe and tried and  
true and familiar mainstream jazz sounds heard there Tue-Thursday  
from 7-9 PM (the Monday night DJ's theme was "Jazz and More" with the  
"more" off the beaten path music.  KUVO does deserve credit for  
creating a progressive program called "Jazz Odyssey" Monday-Thursday  
from 10 pm - midnight although not sure whether the goal of featuring  
edgier currents and putting edgier currents into a rotation that is  
really followed has been achieved.

Would be curious to hear Arturo's report on whether new CDs not in  
mainstream rotation are being received, programmed and actually  
played.  I know Gnappy's CD was put in KUVO's JO stax as a current  
but if it got a total of 2 spins according to MediaGuide.

[JPL] About those KSJS playlists

Bradley M. Stone bstone at science.sjsu.edu
Fri Sep 8 14:27:24 EDT 2006
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Glad you like the playlists, and dig what we are doing at KSJS!  I  
should make it clearer that these shows were done within the context  
of our format, which means each jock has to play 3 heavy rotations  
per hour (we have 13 albums in heavy, and they must be played in  
succession, a true "rotation"), 2 mediums rotation albums (the jocks  
get to pick one of three medium rotations: progressive jazz,  
mainstream jazz or blues - each has 11 albums in it), and 2 features  
(from our world or jazz feature play section - new albums that  
constitute "light" airplay).  I think this demonstrates that if you  
have creative and knowlegeable djs who are cooperative with the  
system, that the rotation format can actually augment, rather than  
hinder, the creative process in putting together sets.  And yet the  
emphasis of our programming is on the currents - new material from  
artists creating music "in the now", who deserve to be heard more  

If you would like to see these individual playlists (or music logs,  
as we call them at KSJS), in addition to my overall playlist from the  
station, I will look into posting them on a regular basis.

Thanks again for the enthusiastic "thumbs up"!

Cheers, and Aloha!


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Now that's what I"m talking about!  Those playlists are awesome!  A  
of fresh air (pun intended).  Those are good expamples of the kind of
wide-ranging programming that I think is needed in jazz radio.   
Thanks for
sharing that.  As you said in your original post in this string, these
programs already exist.  We just need to value and encourage them  
more than
we do.

Would you consider posting these lists on a regular basis, broken out by
program?  (Or at least ask Karen and Kevin to send me their lists off- 
There's music there that I'd like to know more about; it's good  
for me to have.  Thanks for sharing that.

Bob Rogers
WSHA-FM/Raleigh, NC
rwsfin at hotmail.com

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.... and thank you for your well-reasoned follow-up!  It's great to have
"friendly arguments" and to see intelligent discussions on jazz radio
programming on the JPL, which is what it was designed for - thanks to  
Ed for
keeping this going all these years!

I am including recent (this week) playlists from two of my senior jocks
(community folks who have been with the station for years, one an  
alumna of
and SJSU - whom I mentioned in my original post).  I hope that you agree
they are doing very creative shows, each with its own flavor, while
incorporating heavy and medium rotation albums and features.  As we  
like to
at KSJS, this ain't your father's jazz radio!

I'm looking forward to seeing you, and hangin', in NY in January at  
the IAJE

Cheers, and Aloha!


Dr. Brad Stone
Music Director (Jazz, Blues, World Music)
and Faculty Advisor
1 Washington Square
San Jose State University
San Jose, CA   95192-0094

Home Office:
9381 Durango Lane
Gilroy, CA   95020
Music Calls: Wednesdays, 8:30 a.m. to 11:30 a.m., PT
(408) 848-6266
bstone at science.sjsu.edu

Karen "The JazzCat" Gentile  9/6/06  10AM - 2PM


   10 AM
Either/Orchestra/Baby Invents Monk/Neo-Modernism
John McLaughlin/For Jaco/Industrial Zen
Skerik's Syncopated Taint Septet/Summer Pudding/Husky
Big Time Sarah/Train I Ride/South Side Chicago Blues
East River Blues Band/Hasta La Vista/High Tide
Ernest Dawkins' New Horizons Ensemble/The Brood/The Messenger
Anton Schwartz/Hooking Up/Radiant Blue
Old and New Dreams/Dewey's Tune/A Tribute to Blackwell
Brad Mehldau Trio/Fear & Trembling/House on Hill

   11 AM
Dewey & Joshua Redman/Venus & Mars/African Venus
Sean Jones/I Need Thee/Roots
Carnival Skin/Carnival Skin/Carnival Skin
Guitar Shorty/Sonic Boom/We the People
Dave Holland Quintet/Full Circle/Critical Mass
Mike Stern/All You Need/Who Let the Cats Out?
BB King/Ain't Nobody Here But Us Chickens/Let the Good Times Roll
Kenny Garrett/May Peace Be Upon Them/Beyond the Wall

   12 Noon
Rick Wald/Mixed Clouds & Sun/Castaneda's Dreams
Medeski, Scofield, Martin & Wood/Tequila & Chocolate/Out Louder
Toumani Diabete's Symmetric Orchestra/Single/Boulevard De L'independence
Dewey Redman/Kleerwine/In London
Patricia Barber/Narcissus/Mythologies
Billy Hart/Confirmation/Quartet
DJ Day/Four Hills/Juke Joint II-Boozoo Bajou
Dave Stryker/Close to You/The Chaser

   1 PM
Dewey Redman Quartet/As One/Living on the Edge
Kat Parra/These Old Feelings/Birds in Flight
Eric Swinderman/The Bandit/Pursuit of the Sound
+ Charlie Haden/We Shall Overcome/Liberation Music Orchestra
Panoramic/Ivory Coast/Panoramic
Robert Dick & Ursel Schlicht/Emergence/Photosphere
Gil Goldstein/Three Women/Under Rousseau's Moon
+ Keith Jarrett/Mushi Mushi/Silence
Ted Nash & Still Evolved/In the Loop/In the Loop

Kevin Foley Ariente
Unconscious Desires
5 September 2006


Sean Jones--Roots--Roots
East River Blues Band--Independent Woman--High Tide
Rachid Taha--Ya Rayah--Cairo to Casablanca
Transglobal Underground--Khalgi Stomp--Versions/Thievery Corp.
Mike Stern--Who Let the Cats Out?--Who Let the Cats Out?
Nouvelle Vogue--Shack Up--Bande A Part
Brian Owen--Last Mountain--Unwei


Urbs--The Chaffeur--Toujour Le Meme Film
John McLaughlin--For Jaco--Industrial Zen
The Fremonts--Mighty Crazy--Mighty Crazy
Airto--Samba de Flora--Big Noise
Chicago Afrobeat Project--Zambi--Chicago Afrobeat Project
Toumani Diabate--Africa Challenge--Boulevard de L'independence
Kenny Garrett--Beyond the Wall--Beyond the Wall
Quantic--Politick Society--An Announcement to Answer
Dave Stryker--Katmandu--The Chaser


Radio Citizen--Nightingale--Berlin Serengeti
Kat Parra--Mas Que Nada--Birds in Flight
Mitch Kashmar--Funky Dee--Wake Up and Worry
Les Claypool--Rumble of the Diesel--Of Whales and Woe
Sly and Robbie--Demolition City--Dubmission 2
Dennis Bovell--Rowing--Juke Joint II
Ray Barretto--Brandy's Blues--Standards Rican-ditioned
Gil Goldstein--Boplicity/Some Skunk Funk--Under Rousseau's Moon
Anton Schwartz--Blues For Now--Radiant Blue


Masters of Groove--Mon Amore--Masters of Groove Meet DJ9
Medeski, Martin and Wood--What Now--Out Louder
Alvin Jett+Phat Noiz Blues Band--Boogie to the Blues--Milk+Cookies
Kraak+Smaak--No Sun in the Sky--Boogie Angst
Roots Tonic--JD3--Meets Bill Laswell
Emma Shapplin--The Inferno--Galactic Caravan
Sherik Syncopated Taint Septet--Summer Pudding--Husky
Ted Nash--Durning's Dance--In the Loop
Billy Hart--Irah--Quartet


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