[JPL] PLAYLIST: "General Eclectic", WCVF-FM, 9/8/06

Tom Bingham mason2042 at gmail.com
Fri Sep 8 16:26:07 EDT 2006

   "We Loved Martin Luther King" sings Tory Wynter. And apparently, WCVF
listeners still do, judging by the very quick, very rabid reaction to the
song. Even people who purported to hate reggae were excited by the record.
Other listener response came in for the Hellhounds (blues/rockabilly mix),
yolngu band the Nabariek Band, blues/r&b band Hard Bargain, and mellow jazz
by Mark Harrison.
   This is Red White & Blues festival weekend in Fredonia, headlined by Guy
Davis (Friday) and David Gogo (Saturday). I decided to rerun the interview
with David Gogo which took place on March 3. This will be David's first
concert in Fredonia (the interview was built around a Buffalo gig), and
anticipation is mounting! To the list:

HOUR #1:
Hellhounds - Downtown - Halfway Between Somewhere and Nowhere

William Agostinelli - Darkness in the Morning - Ride the Train, Vols. 15 and

Nervewreck - Discussion Further - Rock So Hot

Cathy Segal-Garcia - 20 Men Waiting - Secret Life

Tate Moore - Mountain in Mississippi - Punk Poet

Jody Raffoul - Light of Day - tracks from forthcoming "Like a Star"

Anton Schwartz - Marcel Marceau - Radiant Blue

David Gogo - Jesse James - Skeleton Key
David Gogo - Skeleton Key - Skeleton Key
David Gogo - Things Are About to Change - Skeleton Key

Kitty Donohoe - There Are No Words - CD single

HOUR #2:
Harry Manx - The Point oif Purchase - Mantras For Madmen

Marisa Monte - Universo ao meu redro - Universo ao meu redor

Hal Galper Trio - Dear Old Stockholm - Agents of Change

John Wort Hannam - Above Ground - Dynamite and 'Dozers

Partricia Barber - Icarus (for Nina Simone) - Mythologies

Nabariek Band - - Najoorkom - calabash mp3

Tory Wynter - We Loved Martin Luther King - World Beat Dancing

Hard Bargain - Ain't No Brakeman - More Than You Bargained For

Mark Harrison Quintet - Enjoy the Ride - Are We There Yet?

Dave Potts - If I Broke the Record - $12.99

Russ Kassoff - A Sackets Sunset - Somewhere

"General Eclectic" is going on a brief hiatus due to professional
obligations with my dayjob. See you again on September 28!

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