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In a message dated 8/11/2006 1:16:37 PM Eastern Daylight Time, Ricky  Schultz 
the real irony is that it was the rise of Contemporary  Jazz that spawned  
format but once the format was branded,  Contemporary Jazz was tossed out  
with the bathwater.  Suddenly  the post fusion music of Metheny, Duke,  
Corea, Crusaders,  Yellowjackets, Clarke, Michael Franks, Strunz &  Farah, 
Fleck, Spyro Gyra, etc etc was to a large extent without a  home. you  
hear a George Benson track with an extended  solo; the  biggest, most popular 
and in many instances most talented  musicians  were passed over?>

Why did they toss it?  Especially if it is as  popular with audiences as its 
supporters say it is? That doesn't make any  sense.  I'm confused.  

Dan  Polletta
hi  dan--for whats its worth, imho, the consultants who ruled smooth jazz 
with an  iron fist always had their eyes on a more pop heavy format [= to more ad 
 $$'s].  initially they included some New Age (more popular in the mid 80s)  
and then slowly drifted toward playing only pop /RnBb vocals ala mariah  
carey,janet jackson et al.  it was a "mood service" to be marketed &  branded so 
usurping the jazz moniker made sense/paid dividends.
i still think there is room for a true contemporary jazz format that could  
also include extra tasty adult urban and what was called triple A rock for  
flavor.  sadly all three genres are largely overlooked by terrestrial  radio.  
considering the size and pocketbooks of the boomers
and the now aging gen Xer's, i'm surprised these 3 styles havent received  
more play.
those three formats include very significant numbers of "career" artists:  
still recording, still touring, still selling tickets and in many cases, still  
making great music.
ricky schultz

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