[JPL] New Weather Report Box Set "Forecast: Tomorrow" with the 1978 Rockpalast DVD

jazzrockworld rick at jazzrockworld.com
Tue Sep 12 09:55:31 EDT 2006

Hello all,
I finally got a response from Sony/BMG and the DVD will NOT be in 5.1.
However, it was confirmed that the video was taken from the live rebroadcast
feed and is excellent. Supposedly MUCH better than the boots of this concert
that have been circulating for years. 
Guess I'm buying another CBS/Sony repackaging project. I think I have 5
different versions of Bitches Brew (original Lp, Japanese Lp, original Cd,
remastered Cd, Box Set Cd, Japanese Cd Lp style, plus there's a second Box
Set version that's the same recording as the original set only packaged
cheaply at a lower price). Oops, correction, while I bought the original Cd
release twice, I returned it both times because the transfer was so bad - it
made my speakers sound like someone put a blanket over them. 
I've been going back through my collection of Weather Report boots (pre,
post, and including Jaco) and that band was truly a unique musical vision.
Zawinul with his earthiness and Shorter with his mastery of Jazz composition
- they were really special. (Zawinul was no compositional slouch either,
Mercy Mercy Mercy, Birdland, Where the Moon Goes, In a Silent way, and
Quiz - was Weather Report better with or without Jaco?
My vote is for without. No disrespect to Jaco as great as he truly is (the
Hendrix of bass players). 
Rick Calic

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