[JPL] New Weather Report Box Set "Forecast: Tomorrow" with the 1978 Rockpalast DVD

Eric Jackson eric-jackson at comcast.net
Tue Sep 12 10:55:30 EDT 2006

On Tuesday 12 September 2006 09:55, jazzrockworld wrote:

> Hello all,

> Quiz - was Weather Report better with or without Jaco?
> My vote is for without. No disrespect to Jaco as great as he truly is (the
> Hendrix of bass players).
> Best,
> Rick Calic
> www.jazzrockworld.com

Hi Rick,

Last night I aired 4 hours of Wayne Shorter in a kind of belated birthday 
tribute. I listened to all the commercial Weather Report CDs that I own in 
preparation for the show.

I have always thought that the 3 bassists that recorded with the band each 
brought a different sound to the band. The first bassist, Miroslav Vitous 
played acoustic bass but he used different effects on his sound including 
what I guess is a wah wah pedal. Alphonso Johnson played electric and my 
feeling is that the band got funkier with him as the bassist. There is no 
doubt how dynamic a player Jaco was but I'm not sure I would say they were 
better with him as a member. He certainly made the band sound different then 
his predecessors did.

I also think the issue is not so clear cut or straight forward. Everybody 
except Wayne and Joe changed over the 15 year history of the band so in one 
sense, it wasn't really the same band. In addition, the concept behind the 
band or what they were trying to do musically seems to have changed. This 
again clouds the issue. Is the music or band better at a certain time in 
their history or do you just prefer their music at a certain point in their 

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