[JPL] New Weather Report Box Set "Forecast: Tomorrow" withthe1978Rockpalast DVD

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Tue Sep 12 15:38:10 EDT 2006

Can anyone really pick just one "best" Beatles album. Sure, but you know,
it's that kind of thing. The body of work and variety makes it nearly
impossible especially when nearly all of both the Beatles and Weather
Report's catalog is excellent. 

Regarding Zawinul's opinion of which version is the best - every time he
came out with a new album he would say it's the best thing Weather Report
has ever done. 

Also, regarding the book (assuming it's A Portrait of Zawinul) - he wouldn't
autograph it because he never authorized it. 

I don't remember if I told the story here, but it was a pretty funny scene
and worth repeating. 

I drove over 500 miles from SF to LA to see the Syndicate at Catalina's Bar
& Grille. I brought some stuff for him to autograph and stuck around after
the show. When I approached him, I pulled the Japanese Lp "Purple" out of a
bag (with John McLaughlin, Joe Zawinul, Miroslav Vitous, and Billy Cobham)
and he said plainly, nope I won't sign it. So, I immediately put it away and
pulled out the book "A Portrait of Zawinul" and again he said no. I told him
I drove 500 miles to see him and he quickly asked, well do you have anything
else in your bag? Then he grabbed my arm and pulled me aside. We grabbed a
couple of table chairs and set them up facing each other and he explained
why he wouldn't sign those two items. I politely responded that I fully
understood and under the circumstances apologize for asking. Then I pulled
out the Boxed remastered version of Bitches Brew and the newest Weather
Report Cd "Live and Unreleased". Be beamed from ear to ear and said - Now
those I'll sign. 

Maybe you had to be there, but it was a precious moment for sure...


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>I agree with Bobby, it was about Wayne and Joe.... but personally I 
>loved the "Miroslav era" myself!
>Dr. Brad Stone
>Music Director (Jazz, Blues, World Music) and Faculty Advisor KSJS-FM

It's kind of like comparing the Yankees of Mantle/Maris, with the Yankees of
Reggie Jackson with the Yankees of today.  All the versions of the Weather
Report groups brought something different to the table, I feel, and the
bassists reflected those directions.  It would have been very interesting to
see if they would have proved as big and popular if they had continued with
their first lineup a la Live In Tokyo.

I had a listener call the station once when I was playing a track from Live
In Tokyo, and he refused to believe that it was Weather Report playing. He
thought I was pulling a con.  "His" Weather Report was the Pastorius/Erskine
group, and they "never would have played like the band that was playing on
the radio".

And Zawinul says in the liner notes to one of the live compilations that the
Pastorius Erskine group was the best, then a few years ago remarked in an
interview that the Hakim/Bailey band was the best version.

They were all superb.

Maurice Hogue
CKUW Winnipeg 


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