Smokey Robinson!!! Re: [JPL] Gladys Knight - Say What?

Mark Shapiro speaklow at
Tue Sep 12 16:07:58 EDT 2006

Jae, you wrote,

"Betty Carter sang out of tune so much"

I surmise that in some cases that intonation is part of the package. Perhaps steadfast Betty Carter fans would have it no other way. I like some of her stuff, but not much of the more esoteric excursions.

"In my opinion Smokey's intonation problems take away from the music and to say that he is swinging harder that Gladys......WITHOUT listening to her disc is a bit premature."

No, I said I DID listen to the Knight CD. And I don't say that Robinson swings "harder", especially since Robinson's approach in the album is a loving and gentle, not a hard, swing; and Knight's album is more of a straight ahead jazz effort.

"Your passion though is appreciated from my perspective."

Thanks, and as I mentioned, my enthusiasm here is a kind of one-off, a departure from my usual tastes, which are overcome with this album that I find so emotionally moving and musically refreshing.

Mark Shapiro

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