Smokey Robinson!!! Re: [JPL] Gladys Knight - Say What?

Mark Shapiro speaklow at
Tue Sep 12 16:17:47 EDT 2006


I take albums one by one, whether by a mega-famous star or by an unknown. I agree that it is unfortunate that great music goes unrecognized, but I don't agree that a pop star has not contributed to the art with a particular album only for the fact that he or she hasn't contributed to the art of jazz previously while other artists languish in undeserved obscurity. In this conversation I've been extolling a particular album, definitely not because the artist is famous, but rather because I love the music, no matter the artist is famous or not.

Mark Shapiro

>Mark, Jae, and anyone else who may be still reading this thread....
>This is all very well and good that famous pop stars are doing albums 
>of standards and pretending to be jazz singers, but I think it's 
>unfortunate that these "projects"  draw attention only to themselves 
>and do nothing for the real art of jazz singing.   With all the  pop 
>stars doing "jazz albums"  (standards albums, really), the real jazz 
>singers who've worked hard to hone their talents for years, decades in 
>some cases, get ignored.

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