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For  instance, has anyone said anything about Roberta Gambarini and her 
> CD  "Easy To Love" ?  She's a mature artist who had a career in Europe  
> before coming to the US and is simply one of the best singers on the  
> scene today.  Pitch? Rhythm? Phrasing?  Interpretation?  Improvisation? 
> Vocal quality?  She has it all in spades, and her  first US CD (recorded 
> in 2004 after many years in the US) is finally  out.  I've had some of 
> these tracks on a CDR for a few years,  but the CD was finally issued in 
> Japan and is at last available here  after too long a wait.   I'm so 
> happy to have it to play on  Jazz After Hours

I just wish I knew where and how to get a copy for air play. Someone  with 
the label that released it promised me a copy but it never came.   Please reply 
to me personally if you know where to email or call.   Thanks
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