[JPL] Another Marvin Gaye jazz recording

Arturo arturo893 at qwest.net
Tue Sep 12 19:57:34 EDT 2006

Bobby Jaz wrote << There are pop stars that immediately come to mind, that
have recorded
some great jazz including Marvin Gaye (check out "the Balladeer" where
he was inspired by Frank Sinatra and Nat King Cole)>>>

Even better check out Marvin's full length tribute to Nat Cole, recorded in
his formative years at Motown. It has recently been re-issued, "Tribute to
Nat King Cole" is the title recorded shortly after Nathaniel passed away.
Marvin sounds good paying homage to one of his 2 biggest idols, Sam Cooke
was his other, he loved Sam so much that just as Sam added an e to his
surname, Marvin did as well. Before Motown Marvin sang with the D C vocal
harmony group The Rainbows that also included Billy Stewart and Don Covay,
they scored a hit with Mary Lee, Marvin then went on to Harvey Fuqua and the
Moonglows where he is heard reciting on Twelve Months of the Year, a follow
up to the smash Ten Commandments of Love. Hey Bobby!, Cleveland's own Alan
Freed's Moondog show theme was performed by The Moonglows, Sincerely,
pre-Marvin days.


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