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one way  to look objectively at this issue is to use an analogy, and as 
I'm a  baseball junkie I'll use a baseball one.

It certainly would not be  appropriate to compare young Phillies slugger Ryan 
Howard to Babe Ruth at  this early stage in Howard's career, but I think it 
would be fair to  compare the two at comparable stages of their careers, 
which would give  Mr. Howard a valid claim to be Ruth's equal at that moment 
in  time.

If one then makes the same comparison with  Ms. Gambini and  say Ella's early 
career with Chick Webb, then I think the comparison is  valid.

I've been trying to figure out a way to articulate this valid comparison; I  
no longer feel the need...this post does it in fine fashion.
Another way is to evaluate a singer's stature among his/her peers, and  
Roberta has probably achieved that equivalent status in comparison to others who  
ply their art.

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