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eric-jackson at comcast.net writes about Roberta G
would not put her in a category with the masters yet. From the first time I 
heard her CD I thought she often reminded me of Carmen McRae and occasionally 
she reminded me of Ella.>

To me, the McRae comparison is the closest.  Check out the first few tracks 
of the disc, where her phrasing and intonation are very close to Carmen.  

I understand the hesitation by some to crown her as some new giant, indeed 
tis a bit early....but what a pleasure to hear a vocalist who sings in tune, has 
a nice voice, sings the songs with a minimum of muss and fuss and doesn't try 
to show see that she has feeling by screaming. (see Diane Schuur)  Given a 
choice between Roberta, and say Jane Monheit...I know which singer I would 
prefer to hear perform. 

I look forward to her next date,

Dan Polletta

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