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This is why I love this Gladys Knight release because it reaches my soul. 
Roberta Gambarini doesn't. With her it's an intellectual appreciation. I admire 
her control and pacing but her voice is thin to me. She sings pretty but I 
don't "feel" her - even when she's singing the "Centerpiece" blues. I should 
definitely feel her there but I don't. I feel Ann Hampton Callaway. Sorry Lenny but 
I don't feel Karin Allyson but I like her. I feel Sarah, Ella, Billie and 

While I like Roberta's disc quite a bit, you do a good job of describing her 
shortcoming for me as a listener.  She doesn't seem to have a real feel for 
the blues, even when singing them.    

 I've often felt the same way about Ella, not only when performing the blues, 
but most material.  She is a brilliant singer, great pitch and time, but I 
don't really believe her when she sings, the way I do with Carmen and Lady Day.  

That blues feeling is a big dividing line for me.  Anthony Braxton's name was 
raised recently.  No matter what he plays, I never get any sense of the blues 
in his work.  His advocates would argue that isn't part of what he trying to 
do and I can accept that case, but as a listener having that element of blues 
in your music is one thing that definitely draws me toward some musicians and 
pushes me away from others.

Different strokes...

Dan Polletta

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