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Thu Sep 14 12:00:59 EDT 2006

Hey Jae, 
I feel you.

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> I grew up in the Pittsburgh PA area - just south of the city. The town
> baseball great Ken Griffey grew up in. In fact he was my neighbor. While
> growing up I sang in our gospel church choir. My grandmother also sang in a
> choir and my mother played piano in the church choir. Outside of having James
> Cleveland, the Mighty Clouds of Joy, etc.....we had Aretha, Otis, Motown, Sam
> and Dave, Dinah, etc.....in my household. My point with this is that for me I
> was very exposed to gospel and blues and some jazz music as a young boy. In
> fact that's all I was exposed to until I heard the Beatles. They sounded
> strange to me when I first heard them. I didn't understand why at the time but
> later it became apparent. The soul I was use to hearing and feeling wasn't
> there. Initially I only appreciated them because of the hype and I thought
> Ringo was cool. 
>   Then I heard Hendrix. I heard this screaming loud guitar like I had never
> heard before but something reached me. I felt him. That was it for me. I
> learned what that "feeling" was. So from that point on with instrumentalists
> and vocalists I needed that "feeling" to be able to really enjoy the music I
> was listening to. Later I learned to "appreciate" talent. Like opera. I don't
> particularly care for opera but I respect the craft. I respect the level of
> talent required to perform opera but it was an intellectual appreciation. I
> learned to differentiate these sensations. That's how I hear much of classical
> music and unfortunately too much jazz. Intellectual appreciation.
>   This is why I love this Gladys Knight release because it reaches my soul.
> Roberta Gambarini doesn't. With her it's an intellectual appreciation. I
> admire her control and pacing but her voice is thin to me. She sings pretty
> but I don't "feel" her - even when she's singing the "Centerpiece" blues. I
> should definitely feel her there but I don't. I feel Ann Hampton Callaway.
> Sorry Lenny but I don't feel Karin Allyson but I like her. I feel Sarah, Ella,
> Billie and Carmen. I feel Leika. I don't feel Diana Krall but I like her. I
> liked the Beatles but I didn't feel them. I felt Cream. I feel Jeff Beck. I
> feel Cold Blood. I feel vocalist Judi D. Anyone check out that CD yet? There's
> a surprise. Why these wild set of emotions for me? I'm not really sure but I'm
> sure it has much to do with how I was brought up and what I was exposed to
> very young. For me that's the fundamental difference. What I can feel and what
> I can intellectually appreciate. It's the proverbial cherry on the
>  toping when both can happen.
>   Jae Sinnett  
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