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   Let me preface my remarks by saying that in the years that I have been
reading messages on the JPL, and occasionally participating (I prefer to
stay out of the fray), I have the greatest respect for your posts and the
knowledge and experience that you bring to the table.  When you say you like
someone (Wendolina, for example, from a while back), I feel they're worth
checking out.  Naturally, I don't always agree with you, but this whole
thing of music appreciation is very subjective.  We each feel what we feel,
appreciate what we appreciate, and like what we like. 
   I didn't feel Ms. Gambarini when I saw her live, though I did appreciate
her.  The recording I like, appreciate and feel.  Karrin's CD knocked me out
on the first listen, and continued listens haven't changed my opinion.  I
was a big Motown fan growing up outside NYC in the 60s, but thought Smokey's
singing was totally inappropriate for the material on his new CD.  I prefer
Gladys' new one, but don't feel it or like it, and don't hear her as a jazz
singer.  Diana Krall...don't feel her (except for the chill she gives me
from her coldness), don't like her, but I do play her on my shows.  Diane
Schuur...don't feel her (except for the nails on a chalkboard effect she
sends down my spine), don't like her, but I do play her on my shows.  For
the most part I play music that I like, but Diana and Diane are two examples
of artists that I would never listen to at home, but because people like
them, I do include them in my programming.  I seem to have changed the
subject, but what the hell. 
   As for Judi D, I like her CD, though the Sarah influence is mighty
strong.  And I dig the Beatles.       

Lenny Mazel
Jazz Director
1921 N Weber St
Colorado Springs, CO 80907

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I grew up in the Pittsburgh PA area - just south of the city. The town
baseball great Ken Griffey grew up in. In fact he was my neighbor. While
growing up I sang in our gospel church choir. My grandmother also sang in a
choir and my mother played piano in the church choir. Outside of having
James Cleveland, the Mighty Clouds of Joy, etc.....we had Aretha, Otis,
Motown, Sam and Dave, Dinah, etc.....in my household. My point with this is
that for me I was very exposed to gospel and blues and some jazz music as a
young boy. In fact that's all I was exposed to until I heard the Beatles.
They sounded strange to me when I first heard them. I didn't understand why
at the time but later it became apparent. The soul I was use to hearing and
feeling wasn't there. Initially I only appreciated them because of the hype
and I thought Ringo was cool. 
  Then I heard Hendrix. I heard this screaming loud guitar like I had never
heard before but something reached me. I felt him. That was it for me. I
learned what that "feeling" was. So from that point on with instrumentalists
and vocalists I needed that "feeling" to be able to really enjoy the music I
was listening to. Later I learned to "appreciate" talent. Like opera. I
don't particularly care for opera but I respect the craft. I respect the
level of talent required to perform opera but it was an intellectual
appreciation. I learned to differentiate these sensations. That's how I hear
much of classical music and unfortunately too much jazz. Intellectual
  This is why I love this Gladys Knight release because it reaches my soul.
Roberta Gambarini doesn't. With her it's an intellectual appreciation. I
admire her control and pacing but her voice is thin to me. She sings pretty
but I don't "feel" her - even when she's singing the "Centerpiece" blues. I
should definitely feel her there but I don't. I feel Ann Hampton Callaway.
Sorry Lenny but I don't feel Karin Allyson but I like her. I feel Sarah,
Ella, Billie and Carmen. I feel Leika. I don't feel Diana Krall but I like
her. I liked the Beatles but I didn't feel them. I felt Cream. I feel Jeff
Beck. I feel Cold Blood. I feel vocalist Judi D. Anyone check out that CD
yet? There's a surprise. Why these wild set of emotions for me? I'm not
really sure but I'm sure it has much to do with how I was brought up and
what I was exposed to very young. For me that's the fundamental difference.
What I can feel and what I can intellectually appreciate. It's the
proverbial cherry on the
 toping when both can happen. 
  Jae Sinnett  

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