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Peter -

I thought we went over this RE: 3osity.

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> Subject: [JPL] ADD Date; Street Date; Release Date
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> "JPL": Howzzit ---
> 	If I understood correctly the ADD Dates; Street Dates; & Release  
> Dates of
> The Clayton-Hamilton Jazz Orch. w/ Krall & w/ Knight are 09/18 &  
> 10/03,
> respectively.
> 	Do ADD = street = release dates? Same? different?

Add date = arbitrary date set for when labels and promoters would  
like to have their CDs added to rotation.

Street & Release Dates are the same thing.

> How is it that these releases are currently being played on various  
> radio
> stations as indicated by play lists?

Guess you can't hold back great music (Gladys) or in the case of the  
Krall CD good music.

> Does it make any difference?
> 	If so, who does it impact, & it what way(s)?

Since CDs are usually not available to consumers until the street /  
add date there would be the concern that one is playing music nobody  
can purchase for themselves yet.  So of course one would hope a DJ /  
announcer playing a CD before the street / release date would be  
sensitive to perhaps frustrating / alienating listeners and qualify  
that action by saying something about the CD not being available yet  
or will be out on XX Date, etc.

> I'd be obliged to receive some responses & explications. UTNG  
> (Until The
> Next Gig), dig, Peter Poses KRFC FT COLLINS

HTH (Hope That Helps)



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