[JPL] ADD Date; Street Date; Release Date

Jeff Turton jturton at comcast.net
Fri Sep 15 07:31:26 EDT 2006

>> I know we've had this discussion in the past and most don't like  
>> playing music ahead of release but I love being able to play music  
>> from my major core artists prior to the street date. I firmly  
>> believe we can create enough of a buzz that it will motivate  
>> listeners to purchase sooner after the release hits the stores. If  
>> your retail outlets see an early sales spike they'll be more  
>> willing to reorder and keep it in stock. It normally takes a  
>> couple of weeks for new music to reach most listeners so why not  
>> get a head start. Play it as a station exclusive, play it heavy  
>> and get folks excited. Since I'm on once a week for 6 hours I like  
>> to start 3 weeks prior to the street date and bump my spins (from  
>> my normal 2 up to 3 or 4) and do a heavy pre and post sell on the  
>> disc. I think it also gives listeners another good reason to tune  
>> in. I don't think you upset or alienate listeners by playing music  
>> before the street date. I don't do this with every release I get  
>> early, only those that I know are core artists who have generated  
>> significant interest in the past. I started on Patricia Barber's  
>> release early as well as the new ones from Madeleine Peyroux,  
>> Branford Marsalis and Jacqui Naylor. I've been chomping at the bit  
>> to start on the new Don Byron, which has generated a lot of  
>> response this summer when I've been spinning for station events.  
>> It's a fun and funky tribute to one of my favorites Junior Walker.  
>> Diana and Gladys are also artists that I'll be happy to play prior  
>> to street date. Since both just arrived they'll debut this weekend.

Jeff Turton
WFNX Jazz Brunch

>> 	If so, who does it impact, & it what way(s)?
> Since CDs are usually not available to consumers until the street /  
> add date there would be the concern that one is playing music  
> nobody can purchase for themselves yet.  So of course one would  
> hope a DJ / announcer playing a CD before the street / release date  
> would be sensitive to perhaps frustrating / alienating listeners  
> and qualify that action by saying something about the CD not being  
> available yet or will be out on XX Date, etc.
>> I'd be obliged to receive some responses & explications. UTNG  
>> (Until The
>> Next Gig), dig, Peter Poses KRFC FT COLLINS

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