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Arturo arturo893 at qwest.net
Fri Sep 15 12:59:40 EDT 2006

Permit me to preface my remark, while I was Music Director for WDNA, Miami I
always worked part time at a leading indy music shop after owning my own
record shop for 2 years. I have always had strong relations and connections
to both retail and wholesale/distributor of music. Although I am no longer
working part time at a shop here in Denver, I maintain strong ties with 2 of
our best indy shops who underwrite KUVO and I am a frequent visitor to these
shops as I have spent most of my adult life going to records stores for
purchasing music and enjoying the experience of the enjoinment. I stated
this to give some weight to the following.

Since 1989 when I became Music Director at WDNA, I have had the luxury of
seeing first hand the reactions of listeners of jazz radio to purchasing
jazz albums. Most times I saw it without the person knowing I was the music
director for the station they were reacting to. I can't remember at any time
seeing a listener rush to the store to buy a CD they heard on the radio once
or twice before the street release date, well perhaps it did occur one,
twice or thrice but rest assuredly it is the overwhelming exception to the
rule. I have often seen where listeners to Pop, Urban and other formats
including smooth did ask to purchase albums or a single remix not available
being played to death on the radio, in fact many commercial outlets play a
remix or a unreleased song that is not available purposely, why? to retain
listeners. The smooth outlet in Miami was notorious for keeping 2-3
out-of-print songs in heaviest rotation knowing it couldn't be bought in
order to keep listeners tuned, every 6-8 weeks they would change the
selections. The sales figures of jazz sadly prove my point. So, I don't
concern my self with street dates or release dates for albums, it gets aired
when they do regardless of availability. I may hold back from airing  a CD
for more impact of ADD date on certain occasions but not always. I also will
never play an advance CD prior to receiving the official airplay copy, not
because of retail considerations but because I know it is an advance sent to
me by artist or label as a favor, a sneak peak of what's coming down the
line. I also know several writers who get music way ahead of any radio
persons and if they share that music with me, I never air it for the same

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