[JPL] ADD Date; Street Date; Release Date

OntheBeach at aol.com OntheBeach at aol.com
Fri Sep 15 13:55:46 EDT 2006

jeff t's comments are spot on. there is no harm in pre-release airplay  
unless it substantially cuts into a record's life.  many people are  concerned 
about the 8 to 16 week chart run but building a buzz and helping some  units move 
off the shelf is very positive.
outside of the jazz world its not unusual for an artist to receive months  of 
pre-release exposure.  it takes time for listeners to latch on to most  new 
releases (yes there are the occassional "instant" connectors but those are  
do the math: what % of your audience is listening at any one time?   how much 
listening time is required to hear a new release three to five times?  and 
the same by a sizeable portion of your listeners?
generally if it is a new artist to the listener, or one whom they have not  
purchased before, they need to hear multiple cuts, numerous times.  this is  
one reason why sales of new jazz artists are so modest.
everyone comes out ahead if you select carefully and commit to supporting  
those titles.
we need to create new stars to fuel the scene and help it be vibrant.
ricky schultz

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