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Still Another Jazz Show   Sept 11

MARK EGAN          “Spirals”      “As We Speak”   AS
Wave Tone Records

DD JACKSON   “Love Theme From Quebecite' “    
Justin Time  Records

JANE BUNNETT     “Quantanimo Blues (Part 1)”     
Blue Note Records

CHARLES LLOYD QUARTET    “Canon Perdido”   “Come

SEAN JONES       “Come Sunday”     ROOTS         Mack
Ave Records

TOMASZ   STANKO           “Kattorna”    “Trista”   

KAT PARRA    “Mais Que Nada”     BIRDS IN FLIGHT      
   JazzMa Productions

ELIANE ELIAS       “Jammin'”     AROUND THE CITY      
Blue Bird Records

   Concord Picante Records

Nonesuch Records

BILL HENDERSON   “Duke Ellington Monologue”  “My
Little Brown Book”  LIVE AT THE KENNEDY CENTER     Web
Only Jazz


ERIN McDOUGALD        “Sweet Child Of Mine”     “I'm
The Girl”      MEETING PLACE      Flapper Girl Records

Blue Note

MARK EGAN begins SAJS with his new cd , AS WE SPEAK. 
You'll recognize  the unique quality of Egan's unique
sound on bass during his days with the Metheny Groupof
the late seventies with Lyle Mayes in his first
incarnation with Metheny and  drummer Danny
Gottlieb,who appears on this marvelous 2 CD set as
well. John Abercrombie, one of my favorite jazz
guitarists appears here with an ambling Rustafarian
tone. And it all fits with this trio in over drive.
Egan remarks on his early influences, Cream and Jimi
Hendrix and it's somewhat apparent on the title
selection we played as Abercrombie is more definitive
and if it were Hendrix sitting in instead of injecting
that dirty needle, guitar licks would've been real
outer space by now. We would've enjoyed hearing
Hendrix in this setting but perchance to soon things
change...Abercrombie  is conceivably a more linear
influence. Speculation without fact is pure fantasy.
D.D.JACKSON is next from his new SERENITY SONG cd. We
played the bright “Love Theme From Quebecite. from the
opera. Jackson performed it at the Quelph Jazz
Festival in Canada.  It's a beautiful lyrical piece,
typical of Jackson leading you into a remarkable
series of romantic counter plays  and laying on some
heavy melodic chordation. Remember, he was taught by
one of the great rebels of bop piano, Jaki Byard. 
With “Serenity Song” don't be at all surprised by
Jackson's remarkable range of dynamics on this CD.
Once you're inside you're enthralled with this music.
Sam Newsome on soprano sax  is amply prevalent
especially on “The Con” and Christian Howes violin
offers a balance, remarkable could be classical, a
ballet, opera maybe,  but it's not, it's jazz in
variant forms on this CD.
JANE BUNNET concludes this segment with “Quantamino
Blues” from her new CD,
RADIO QUANTAMINO.   You'll also hear a marvelous tenor
saxophone solo by
Dewey Redman. Note the symbiosis Afro Cuban  folk to
Modern jazz. And the music connection between Jane
Bunnett and Dewey Redman.  Their combination are so
fitting for this project.  There's so much heart here
for the rest of us. 
CHARLES LLOYD begins the next segment of SAJS with the
quartet CD released last year, JUMPING THE CREEK with
Geri Allen, Robert Hurst and Eric Harland. Lloyd has
been so prolific lately releasing a CD a year and
offering up varying modes of his creativity as in his
current endeavor, SANGAM with tabla player Zakir
Hussain and drummer Eric Harland. Lloyd has a large
universe of his mind to explore as we've been
enthralled since that memorable performance at
Monterey in 1966. He's back amongst the cool breezes
off Monterey Bay on what should be a most memorable
weekend. We felt this would indicative to his
performance as we played  “Canon Perdido” where  a
young Eric Harland leads the way, sets the pace a1nd
Geri Allen plays her joyous modes with Lloyd always at
the center. Then the quartet plays Ellington's “Come
Sunday,” in  a  very personal melodic open with Lloyd
and Allen,  then the band searching for an  ultimate
meaning of this song, beautiful and  quite like this
slow emulsifying  pace adds a different  texture and
tone.  Allen, Hurst and Harland are especially
crystalline in this interpretation. There's a photo
inside this CD jacket, that's so not now and
A young Charles Lloyd is chatting back stage with
someone at a club or a concert. Could be Dick Gregory.
  They're having a libation with glasses and a tonic
bottle in the forefront. There's a calender on the
wall, Walters Electric and a typewriter covered in a
plastic sheath. Behind this other man in the photo are
six packs of pop or beer bottles .
It's really great photo of a time, a former life and
place that we've been ago... It's very real, a Charles
Lloyd whose affability we remember and still cherish,
because he's us.
SEAN JONES is next from his new ROOTS cd.   This cd 
is exceptional and closing time for all you  are
unfamiliar with this young man's ability. Similar to
the command and control demonstrating another young
phenom, Clifford Brown over a half century ago. We
played “Come Sunday”with Jones expressing exceptional
command, similar to an emoting slow last dance. This
performance is worthy of film credits. Orrin Evans is
a most capable accompanist here, his lines, nice and
funky and slow with a minimalist hand, worthy of many
spins and slight of hand. This recording makes it for
me! The whole concept makes it for me.  When your mind
wanders to local bars and far off places, you know
this new Sean Jones had really struck a chord.
TOMASZ STANKO QUARTET  closes this segment with his
We enjoy his unique and surreal approach and this band
also includes three young and talented musicians who
earlier this released their own CD. We played the
mystical evocative “Sweet Thing.” The intro reminds
you of Mac Beth entering stage left and then an
amorphous to a more  strutting post modern noir.  The
tempo of this song is so different and captivating
similar to a “ Kind Of Blue” entrance in 1960. This
band so melodic, lyrical and slow pacing, you hear it
all and  the breathing, sighs and reminiscences of
KAT PARRA begins the 2nd hour of SAJS with her new cd,
This cd by Kat Parra shows a great depth of
experience. Originally born in Detroit and spent six
months of her life there then onto San Jose
California, also many years in Chile, where she
learned her music. This cd has many different Latin
focuses from the traditional to the outright modern. 
We played Mas Que Nada with Pat Parra hip hoppin in
the end.
Then ELIANE ELIAS, (wonder if she's related to Elias
Bros. Big Boy?) and her new AROUND THE CITY cd. We
played the ever memorable Bob Marley, “Jammin'.” It
cooks with the Latin funk energy, so good, it'll re
harmonize your brain afterward. You may be shopping at
an grocery store on  3rd Avenue on a sunny autumn
afternoon  and suddenly it hits you, “Jammin.”  You've
 been programmed to respond.
CARIBBEAN JAZZ PROJECT follows up with “Wazo Dayzeel”
from the new MOZAIC cd.  Andy Narell, percussionist 
wrote this exciting vehicle for steel pans. Dave
Samuels and Paquito D'Rivera  join in for a joyous
harmonic convergence.
KENNY GARRETT another  prolific jazz musician from
Detroit concludes this segment  from his new BEYOND
THE WALL.   This cd has a lot of heavies along with
alto saxophonist Kenny Garrett,  Mulgrew Miller, Bobby
Hutcherson, Pharoah Sanders, Robert Hurst and Brian
Blade. Garrett has a great big warm sound on alto,
perfect counter to the others mentioned above.
BILL HENDERSON begins the last segment of SAJS from
his new LIVE FROM KENNEDY CENTER.   Henderson worked
with all the greats, Ellington, Basie – a great jazz
singer, along the lines of Joe Williams. Henderson is
one of those great jazz singers who hasn't recorded in
awhile so we're pleased with this most recent
recording.Henderson opens with a monologue on
Ellington then a rendition of “My Little Brown Book “
by Billy Strayhorn. The trio behind  is Ed Vodicka,
Chris Conner and Mark Stevens.   This is a recording
you may want to hold onto, because it's
special.PHILLIP MANUAL is next with his rendition of a
great Ellington tune, “Race,” by request from LOVE HAS
HAPPENED TO ME on MAXJAZZ. I'ved always had high 
regard for Phillip Manual. He's one of the great  post
modern jazz singers. Reminds me a little of a` laid
back Al Jaureau. Phillip Manual is a real fine singer
and you come across this Cd, buy it for romance!
ERIN McDOUGALD follows up with an interesting version
of Axel Rose, “Sweet Child Of Mine.” This is a very
progressive new CD with  the Dan Cray Trio, best of
the new out of Chicago, and listen to the changes here
as the trio moves into  a new territory  of this song
with Dan Cray, Clark Sommers, bass and Greg Wyser
Pratte and by request we played “I'm The Girl,” a
fifties twist on the other woman, from a Broadway
musical and it swings with this young trio.
HORACE SILVER concludes with a fairly classic and
somewhat post modern version of an original “Sweet
Stuff.” This is on a collection entitled MUSIC FOR
LOVERS from the 1959 recording with Gene Taylor, bass
and the great Louis Hayes on drums.
This has very slow undulating quality to it. A
memorable, late night inclusion.

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