[JPL] Willie Nelson cited for pot, mushrooms

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What's the deal with artists and drugs? They seem to go hand in hand.
(possible bad choice of expression).

I don't know the history of all my favorite musicians, but my gut tells me,
that with very few (if any) exceptions, all of them have done drugs at one
time or another. (ahem, illegal drugs). 

Some of the major influences in my life have been Lenny Bruce (addict),
Miles Davis (addict), Jimi Hendrix (user - possible addict), Sam Kinison
(addict), Groucho Marx (probably violated the prohibition laws), W.C. Fields
(addict), John Coltrane (addict), Willie Mays (aha, possible exception), Joe
Montana (user), Jerry Garcia (addict), Duane Allman (user), Richard Pryor
(addict), Mel Brooks (aha, another possible exception), John McLaughlin
(user), Bill Champlin (user), Jack Bruce (user), Steve Winwood (user), my
dad (definite exception).  The list goes on, but the point is in there...


Rick Calic

P.S. To quote Dennis Miller: Would you want to elect a president that DIDN'T
smoke pot? You remember those guys that didn't smoke it from High School -
you wouldn't even talk to them! 


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Willie Nelson cited for pot, mushrooms

LAFAYETTE, Louisiana (AP) -- Willie Nelson and four others were issued
misdemeanor citations for possession of narcotic mushrooms and marijuana
after a traffic stop Monday morning on a Louisiana highway, state police

The citations were issued after a commercial vehicle inspection of the
country music star's tour bus, state police said in a news release.

"When the door was opened and the trooper began to speak to the driver, he
smelled the strong odor of marijuana," the news release said.

A search of the bus produced 11/2 pounds of marijuana and 0.2 pounds of
narcotic mushrooms, according to state police.

A call to Nelson's publicist wasn't immediately returned.

Also cited were Tony Sizemore, 59, of St. Cloud, Florida; Bobbie Nelson, 75,
of Briarcliff, Texas; Gates Moore, 54, of Austin, Texas; and David Anderson,
50, of Dallas, Texas.

Each was released after being issued a citation.

Nelson, 73, has recorded songs including "On the Road Again" and "City of
New Orleans."

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