[JPL] artistry, addiction, genius & other brain regions

Arturo arturo893 at qwest.net
Mon Sep 18 18:56:23 EDT 2006

I've often read and heard commented that artist, in particular gifted
artists regardless of field of endeavor use regions of the brain often
dormant or used little by others less talented or non artists. This
apparently causes a need for as James Brown sang, "escapism" and they tend
to be abusers of their bodies through  mind altering substances, Supposedly
Albert Einstein couldn't do the mundane, tie his shoes, button his shirt
etc. For me one of the saddest examples of abusing their bodies is the case
of Gil Scott-Heron who during the past 10 to 15 years because of
governmental persecution has been a crack addict, just recently was busted
again and is back in prison for possession of crack and parole violations.
The man who has done so much to uplift and make people aware of injustices
through his music has succumbed to what he sang about us so early in his
career, The Bottle or perhaps the vile.

Prohibition was proven to be un-enforceable and created the rise of
organized crime we are still facing the consequences of today, marihuana was
legal until 1937, shortly after the repeal of Prohibition, instead of
spending millions in the unwinnable enforcement of a victimless "crime", the
governemt should legalize and regulate cannibas while making some revenue
from it. But then again a wise person once said, "the problem with common
sense is that is not so common".

Arturo Gómez

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