[JPL] Willie Nelson cited for pot, mushrooms

McWilliams, Robert C radiobob at ku.edu
Mon Sep 18 17:29:50 EDT 2006

I would note that Louis Armstrong and Willie Nelson both seem to have had their work ethic and career longevity destroyed by the evil reefer that they used every day. (note: SARCASM)
Seriously, to lump all drugs, and all patterns of drug usage, together into one big pile of "bad" is just silly. Some people use alcohol and pot with little negative effect on their lives,others to an extent that there is significant negative effects. The same is true with many presciption (ie, legal) drugs. And tobacco use has killed off a lot more people than any other drugs.  
But criminalizing drug usage is just idiotic. But then again, our government has to have wars to fight so they can take away freedoms.
Bob McWilliams

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