[JPL] Weather Report

Larry Appelbaum jumpmonk at hotmail.com
Mon Sep 18 23:37:54 EDT 2006

>When I got into work tonight I found a "Special Box Set Advance" of a 3 CD 
>called Forecast: Tomorrow by Weather Report. It appears that it's mostly
>reissued material although I think I see three tunes that haven't been
>released before. I really haven't been able to spend any time with it 
>I'm on the air as I'm writing this.
>Eric Jackson

The three previously unreleased tracks include an alternate take of 
Directions, a live version of Nubian Sundance and a DJ Logic Remix of 125th 
Street Congress. The box also includes a DVD of the Sept. 28, 1978 concert 
Live in Offenbach, Germany (the quartet with Jaco Pastorius and Peter 
Erskine). The set is produced by Bob Belden, Zawinul and Shorter.

Larry Appelbaum

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