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Bob Rogers rwsfin at hotmail.com
Wed Sep 20 08:54:07 EDT 2006

If you’re interested…

Over the past year or so I’ve written several posts to the JPL advocating 
various changes or alternative approaches to jazz-based music programming.  
Taken together, each of these postings or essays have been in support of at 
least one of the following:

1.	greater programming freedom for individual music program hosts
2.	the folly of imposing unnecessary programming controls
3.	raising the bar for program hosts
4.	alternate ways of presenting jazz on the radio
5.	program management as (air) talent management
6.	the importance of nimble adaptation to platforms other than broadcast
7.	escaping “the jazz ghetto” – what that means

The response to these postings has been gratifying, particularly when it has 
included counter-arguments, “yes, but…” statements or outright rejection of 
some of my assertions.  Point-counterpoint-reassessment-change.  That’s 
pretty much the case for the dynamics of argumentation.  The venue for that 
process is the great contribution that JPL makes for each of us.

I continue to explore various aspects of jazz-based programming.  But I’ve 
stated my basic premises on the JPL and made my fundamental assertions, the 
first being that jazz-based programming is perfectly capable of attracting 
several times more listeners and supporters than it has garnered up to now, 
and the second, that if executed artfully, jazz-based programming is not 
particularly vulnerable to the ever-expanding predations of talk-talk-talk, 
recent public radio programming decisions and trends notwithstanding.  But 
my focus is almost exclusively on large or major market, full-time 
music-based stations with professional air staffs, and thus not particularly 
relevant to a majority of JPL subscribers.

Because I intend to continue writing on jazz-based programming, but not 
wishing to subject anyone to periodic restatements of my basic assertions, I 
am assembling a list of those who are interested in receiving periodic 
off-list mailings from me on the subject of jazz-based music programming.

This is not a run-up to establishing a blog or another newsletter.  I have 
no interest whatsoever in that.  Neither is it to suggest that I consider 
myself in possession of some “secret knowledge” about jazz-based 
presentation.  It’s just that I spend a lot of time thinking and writing on 
this subject, but I consider most of my writing too lengthy or too 
case-specific to be appropriate for the general readership of any public 
forum.  I’m more interested in private, one-on-one discourse.

So if you’d like to receive these mailings, sent on no particular schedule, 
please contact me
(off-post please) and I’ll add you to the mailing list.  And if not, at 
least have a nice day.

Best regards,

Bob Rogers

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