[JPL] Salim Washington and The Harlem Arts Ensemble's Harlem Homecoming

Larry Thomas lrt0393 at hotmail.com
Wed Sep 20 18:16:47 EDT 2006

I have had the distinct and extremely gratifying  pleasure to hear Salim 
Washington (perhaps I should say Dr. Washington, who has a doctorate from 
Harvard)  perform at St. Nick's Pub in Harlem (my former hometown) on St. 
Nicholas Ave. and 149th Street on several wonderful occasions.  His 
ever-present smile and good vibes mixed with that beautiful full tone that 
comes out of his saxophone is worth his weight in gold.  I would highly 
recommend jazz programmers and the like to give his new album a listen.  He 
has a great deal of respect for the masters--John Coltrane, Clifford Jordan, 
Dexter Gordon et al, yet he has his own sound, one that has a futuristic 
all-encompassing colorful sound.  His new recording," Harlem Homecoming" 
(Ujamm Records) is long overdue and is a welcomed addition to the annals of 
must-hear and must-have music.  The cast of characters include serious 
musical all-stars like Frank "Kuumba" Lacy and Donald Smith, who performs 
with Washington every Friday night at St. Nick's.  The next time you are in 
NYC please go check them out! Incidentally. they are scheduled to tour the 
East Coast this October.  So if you can't make it to St. Nick's, then maybe 
you can catch them on the tour.  My favorite cut on the album is "Stranded." 
  You might want to try that out for starters.

Larry Reni Thomas
Sunday Night Jazz Host
Chapel Hill-Carrboro, NC

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