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1987: Jazz-rock bassist Jaco Pastorius died after being beaten outside a
nightclub in Fort Lauderdale, Fla. He was 35. The club manager was charged
with second-degree murder but later pleaded guilty to manslaughter.
Pastorius, famed for his work with Weather Report, was once considered one
of the finest bass guitarists in jazz. But his reputation became tarnished
after frequent bouts with alcoholism.

More things that happened on this day!

1934: Canadian singer/songwriter Leonard Cohen was born in Montreal. Also
renowned as a novelist and poet, Cohen began a musical career in 1966 when
he sang two of his poems, Suzanne and Stranger, during a reading in New York
City. The readings soon became concerts, and other artists, such as Judy
Collins, helped spread his fame by recording his songs. His popularity as a
singer has been greatest in Europe, and he's made few recordings since the
late '70s. However, Jennifer Warnes' album of Leonard Cohen songs, Famous
Blue Raincoat, was a surprise hit in 1986.

1976: A girl lost an eye when she was hit by a beer bottle during the second
night of a punk festival at the 100 Club in London. Police at first accused
future Sex Pistol Sid Vicious, who was then the drummer for Siouxsie and the
Banshees. All punk music was banned from the club as a result of the melee.

1979: The New York Post announced the Beatles would reunite for a benefit
concert for boat people. They did not.

1993: About 100,000 fans turned out for a Michael Jackson concert in Tel
Aviv. The audience was among the largest ever for a concert in Israel.

1994: Los Angeles prosecutors announced Michael Jackson would not face
sexual molestation charges, primarily because his accuser, a 14-year-old
boy, wouldn't testify. The investigation began in August 1993, when the boy
claimed Jackson had sex with him several times the previous year. The boy
received a reported $15-million payment from Jackson to end a civil suit,
but the boy's lawyer said the payment had nothing to do with the teen's
decision not to testify in any criminal case.

1947: Don Felder, guitarist and vocalist with the Eagles, was born in
Gainesville, Fla. Felder became the fifth member of the Eagles in 1974 after
playing as a session musician on the group's third album, On the Border. The
Eagles broke up in 1981 after nearly a decade as one of the world's most
popular rock bands. Felder's first solo work was a song he recorded for the
soundtrack of the animated film Heavy Metal.

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