[JPL] as it happened today!

JASS jassav at comcast.net
Thu Sep 21 21:14:42 EDT 2006

Jim Wilke: "I doubt it'll happen... even if Coltrane played the Beatles and 
the MJQ did the Stones Greatest Hits.    Or, how about "Bob Dylan sings Jon 
Hendricks"?    (it's never the other way around has it?)"

Jim, Since this thread began as a bit of "trivia" information, for what it's 
worth, MJQ recorded two albums on the Beatles Apple label.

"In the late 1960s, in between their two periods with Atlantic, they signed 
with Apple, the Beatles label (the sole jazz group on the label), and 
released two albums - Under the Jasmine Tree (1967) and Space (1969)."


Larry Dane-Kellogg
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