[JPL] Playlist : "Primetime Jazz" * Friday September 22nd * Radio Adelaide 101.5FM

Gregory L Fisher jazzviews at yahoo.com.au
Fri Sep 22 21:02:12 EDT 2006

This is my playlist for "Primetime Jazz", Friday September 22nd, heard on Radio Adelaide 101.5FM (Australia) now from 7-9pm (CST).

Many thanks to all the fine artists and labels who continue to support great Jazz being heard in this part of the world.

Greg Fisher
for Radio Adelaide 101.5 FM
streaming live 24/7 at http://www.radio.adelaide.edu.au

Friday (What's New?)     22/09/2006    Primetime Jazz    Radio Adelaide 101.5FM
Artiste / CD Title / Track Title / Label
Deep Blue Organ Trio / Goin' To Town / The Way You Look Tonight / Delmark
Fred Fried / The Wisdom Of Notes / In Your Own Sweet Way / Ballet Tree Productions
Kat Para / Birds In Flight / Softly As In A Morning Sunrise / Jazz Ma
RadioAction / Modern Jazz - Seattle's Finest Jazz / Enlah / Origin Records
Ben Thomas / Modern Jazz - Seattle's Finest Jazz / The Mystagogue / Origin Records
* Triptych / Triptych / Bosphorous Wobble / Independent
Barbara Sfraga & Centre Search Quest / Timelessness Frozen In Time / Timelessness Frozen In Time / SyncTimiCity Productions
Joe Locke Geoffrey Keezer Group / Live In Seattle / The King (For T.M.) / Origin Records
Trio Beyond (DeJohnette/Goldings/Scofield) / Saudades / Saudades / ECM
Richard Cole  Modern Jazz - Seattle's Finest Jazz / Somnambulist / Origin Records
* Doug de Vries / Hot Food Cool Jazz / Caravan / Compilation
Matt Jorgensen + 451 / Hope / Ibrahymn / Origin Records
Dave Stryker / The Chaser / I Didn't Know What Time It Was / Mel Bay Records

* denotes Australian artist(s) on recording

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