[JPL] Al Di Meola

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Interviewed Al a couple of weeks ago and I asked him that very 
question.  It was a few factors but you hit it on the head...he had ear 
problems from too much volume and other loud instruments bombarding him 
over the years.  I guess it was a fusion-related occupational hazard.

There were also obvious stylistic considerations as he's always loved 
Astor Piazolla and the tango and the acoustic and lighter sounding 
electric settings lent themselves to the music he's been making over 
the years.  He gets a high, clear sound with the solid body electric 
now and it has a very "romantic" sound by his own estimation.  I think 
it sounds like a violin sometimes.

Russ Davis

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> Has anyone heard the Al Di Meola "Consequence Of Chaos" release 
> yet? I've been playing it over the past few days with favorable 
> response. The "Tao" and "Azucar" tracks. He's in town tonight. The 
> CD is interesting......for starters he's playing more acoustic 
> guitar than I thought...this is interesting considering the hype 
> of him not playing electric guitar for many years. I am curious as 
> to why he stopped playing the instrument in the first place. Would 
> anyone know? Perhaps for volume reasons. Or maybe it could be the 
> concept direction he was persuing with the romanticism of Hearts 
> Of the Immigrants.
>  The electric playing is surprisingly subdued. That blistering 
> velocity and fire we've heard from him from the 70's isn't here 
> either but don't let that take away from the quality of the 
> recording. From the musician perspective I can't imagine he would 
> hold back this much live with the instrument. His sound as we 
> remember it is there and on many tracks he cleverly uses both the 
> acoustic and electric to create interesting textural themes. What 
> I don't like about it are some "programmed" drum and other sounds. 
> I always scratch my head when musicians do this - particularly 
> when a drummer and percussionist are present. Fortunately this is 
> minimal but for these ears it takes away from the recording.
>  Jae Sinnett 
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