[JPL] PLAYLIST: The Next Jazz America on VOA

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Fri Sep 22 23:43:36 EDT 2006

Following is the log for the next JAZZ AMERICA program from the Voice 
of America, now heard by more listeners than ever before! 

JAZZ AMERICA is now heard not only on the entertainment service 
MusicMix, but also on the worldwide VOA service via shortwave 

The show is two hours long and reaches a potential audience of 94 
million listeners worldwide each weekend.  Visit the Voice of America 
website @ www.voamusicmix.net and click on schedule in the left column 
to see the time it is webcast in your timezone as well as when and how 
to hear it via shortwave.

Also, please take note of the email address for the show.  For any 
comments or communication you can reach me at jazz-america at voa.gov.

Davis programs
163 third avenue/p.m.b 259.new york, ny 10003
Email…jazz-america at voa.gov
JAZZ AMERICA…SHOW # 751…23-24 September 2006 
DEWEY REDMAN-lazy bird (living on the edge)
LEONID AUGUTIN/AL DI MEOLA-cosmopolitan life (cosmopolitan life)
*Al Di Meola Interview
AL DI MEOLA-san marco (consequence of chaos)
TERRY GIBBS-bernie’s tune (findin’ the groove)
JAZZ AMERICA…SHOW # 751…23-24 September 2006 
DUKE ELLINGTON-caravan (1954)
GABIN/DEE DEE BRIDGEWATER-into my soul (mr. freedom)
*Al Di Meola Interview
AL DI MEOLA-tao (consequence of chaos)
WES MONTGOMERY-road song (1968)
CEDAR WALTON-THE the rubber man (one flight down)
JAZZ AMERICA…SHOW # 752…23-24 September 2006 
AL DI MEOLA-aja (the royal dan)
NINA SIMONE-love me or leave me (1965)
*Al Di Meola Interview
AL DI MEOLA-red moon (consequence of chaos)
TED NASH-gritty ditty (in the loop)
JAZZ AMERICA…SHOW # 752…23-24 September 2006 
BILL EVANS-waltz for debby (1961)
ROBERTA GAMBARINI-no more blues (easy to love)
*Al Di Meola Interview
AL DI MEOLA-turquoise (consequence of chaos)
CHICK COREA-the three ghouls (the ultimate adventure)

NEXT SHOWS: 753-754…30 September-1 October 2006
Featured artist: Stefon Harris
New release: African Tarantella: Dances With Duke

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