[JPL] Stephen Colbert disses John Zorn

Hoff, Robert rhoff at mercyhurst.edu
Sun Sep 24 07:42:59 EDT 2006

Hey Booby, 
I DID see the video and it was very funny.  Stephen Colbert is a hilarious cat, and the top hat and cane bit was a blast.  BUT I respect John Zorn as a serious and passionate composer, musician, bandleader, and club owner.  He's made some recordings my audience wouldn't tolerate for ten seconds.  On the other hand, some of his music is very exciting and appeals to my listeners.  I get requests for some of the Masada stuff with Dave Douglas, as well as for The Big Gundown, News for Lulu, The Circle Maker, to name some examples.  It spices up my program, and gives listeners a peek into what's going on in the downtown NY jazz scene.
Rob Hoff


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I don't know this seems to be the usual Stephen Colbert brand of 
satire. As a regular watcher of the Colbert Report this is pretty 
typical and I always find it quite funny. He's commenting on Zorn no 
differently than any other person in the news and Zorn,, based on his 
music and personality is fodder for Satire. We get way to serious 
about this stuff. Lighten up. I thought it was quite funny and I 
doubt Zorn was the only person Colbert  to aim at in the piece.

Jeff Turton
WFNX Jazz Brunch

On Sep 23, 2006, at 10:51 PM, Bobby Jackson wrote:

> -------------------------------------------
> Robert,
> With all due respect, did you see the video?  If you didn't, you 
> wouldn't know.  If you did and you couldn't hear that  irritating 
> and painful cacophony, go to a doctor and have your ears 
> examined..........I laughed my ass off after listening to squeaking 
> and squawking.
> Bobby Jackson
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