[JPL] Stephen Colbert disses John Zorn

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But I  also agree with Bobby Jackson to some extent -- i.e. Zorn gets  
no  MAINSTREAM jazz airplay but he is very popular at college radio as   
are recordings by other artists on his label Tzadik>
The more melodic tracks by the Masada Quartet are staples on my evening  
program.  Any time I play a piece from the Masada Chamber ensembles,  especially 
the 50th bday celebration discs, I receive an email from listener to  ask what 
it was.  The piano recordings by Anthony Coleman also have some  very 
accessible material.
Much of the Tzadik stuff is too blown out for most mainstream jazz radio,  
but when we engage in our regular discussions about attracting a younger  
audience, I have found that younger folks have a much greater interest in this  
material by Zorn etal compared to the early 70s fusion that so many 50 year  old 
programmers think kids are into for some reason.
Dan Polletta


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