[JPL] Stephen Colbert disses John Zorn

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Sun Sep 24 09:07:47 EDT 2006


The Colbert Report
Morley Safer Profiles Comedy Central's 'Fake' Newsman

Hmmm... Are people missing the fact that Colbert almost always means
the opposite of what he says?  I love the show, and it's all about
his particular brand of irony.  Whether talking about politics, art
or any other subject, he wears the reactionary persona like a set of
bad clothes and invites people to see right through it.  What I
thought was most interesting was that he went out of his way to name
both the cut and the album it was from.  I'll bet Zorn gets a huge
spike of interest from that segment, especially since Colbert's
audience is probably a relatively progressive set of viewers.

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