[JPL] Stephen Colbert disses John Zorn

Steve Hahn SHahn at kuat.org
Sun Sep 24 21:31:17 EDT 2006

Make no mistake, Zorn can play. Check out some of the Spy vs. Spy stuff
or some burnin' alto on Big John Patton's Evidence recording of a few
years ago. Masada has also been hugely influential on a younger
generation of players. I'm sure the MacArthur jury was fully cognizant
of his extremely large and diverse body of work from the last 30 years.

Steve Hahn/KUAZ

After viewing the video of Stephen Colbert dissing Zorn I can only say
the cut Colbert played personified the sound of a cat, a mouse, and 
shrieking in a garbage can falling down a flight of carpeted stairs
swallowing balloons.  I couldn't agree with him more.  I actually liked
performance with Kareem Jabbar better but they still get NO airplay.


Bobby Jackson

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