[JPL] KRFC FtCollins Playlist 9-24-06 'MtnStdsTime' Gene Abkarian

Al Karia jctrane at gmail.com
Mon Sep 25 09:48:50 EDT 2006

Playlist for Sunday eve, September 24 2006, on 'Mountain Standards Time'.
KRFC is all-volunteer, community-funded and independant radio in northern
Colorado. The station has been awarded a CPB grant that will allow
conversion to digital broadcasting expected to be completed with the next
12-15 months. On MST last night, we celebrated the 80th anniversary of John
Coltrane's birth and the MacArthur Foundation award granted to Regina
Carter. CDs for airplay consideration are always welcome.
         Gene Abkarian
          KRFC Radio
         619 S College Ave  #4
         Ft Collins, Co   80524
         Streaming 24/7 at krfcfm.org

    (Tunes arranged by play-sets; * indicates a new or newly reissued

RED GARLAND/LazyMae/DigIt/Prestige (theme)
TRANE/GoodBait/Soultrane/Prestige *
EDWARD SIMON/Prelude#9/Unicity/CamJazz *

TAYLOR-FIDYK Band/Anthropology/LiveBluesAlley/OA2 *
TRANE-J HARTMAN/LushLife/JCandJH/Impulse!

INGRID JENSEN/TeaAndWatercolors/AtSea/ArtistShare *
ROBIN McKELLE/BeiMirBistDuSchoen/IntroducingRM/CheapLullaby *
REGINA CARTER(w/DDBridgewater)/BeiMir.../SentimentalJourney/Verve *

ANTHONY CARTER/BillyBoy/TheThang/SharpNine
TOM LELLIS/PureImagination/AvenueOfAmericas/BeamTide *

TRANE-T MONK/OffMinor/CompleteRiversideRecordings/Riverside *
ETTA JONES/Fine&Mellow/Don'tGoToStrangers/Prestige *
RAY BARRETTO/BabyBabyAllTheTime/StandardsRicanDitioned/zoho *

P URSO-C SAUNDERS/LineForLyons/SaluteChetBaker/JazzedMedia

E PALMIERI(w/Regina Carter)/Nica'sDream/ListenHere/Concord
DIZZY GILLESPIE AllStarBand/HotHouse/Dizzy'sBusiness/MCG *

MIKE STERN/RollWithIt/WhoLetTheCatsOut?/HeadsUp *

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