[JPL] Still Another Jazz Show Sept 18

Lenny Mazel jazz at kcme.org
Mon Sep 25 10:58:47 EDT 2006


   The name of the band is ONE FOR ALL.  This is their 11th CD.  The name of
the album is THE LINEUP.

Lenny Mazel
Jazz Director
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Still Another Jazz Show  Sept 18

THE LINE UP       "Little Lucas"   ONE FOR ALL   
Sharp Noine Records

Now since Weston has put us into this,'feels like bop
spirit' bliss we  just have to conclude this segment
with THE LINEUP.    On the jewel box jacket they
resemble a crew of cheap con artists, gandy dancers or
grifters on the game, but they're really top flight,
no frills, some of New York's finest and we don't mean
plain clothes detectives, but who knows, so check if
any of them drive  a black Ford LTD around Manhattan. 
They are Eric Alexander,Jim Rotundi, Steve Davis,
David Hazeltine, John Webber and Joe Farnsworth.  We
played Eric Alexander's ample fort those who like to
stretch tune,  a post bop classic, 'Little Lucas." 
Cause babies knows their father's thinking...

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