[JPL] WNMC CMJ #981 playlists: Jazz Adds

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Mon Sep 25 13:51:12 EDT 2006

WNMC Playlists for CMJ NMR Issue #981

  Jazz Adds

   Rank Artist Recording Label Unverified Version
   1 KEITH JARRETT The Carnegie Hall Concert ECM 
   2 JAKE SHIMABUKURO Gently Weeps Hitchhike Records 
   3  DAVID  GILMORE  *  unified  presence  * rkm music * waiting for CMJ
   4  JIM  CUTLER  JAZZ ORCHESTRA * In Progress * self released * waiting
   for CMJ verification
   5 TED NASH In The Loop Palmetto TED NASH & STILL EVOLVED 

   * indicates information which has not yet been verified by CMJ staff.

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