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But I  also agree with Bobby Jackson to some extent -- i.e. Zorn gets  
no  MAINSTREAM jazz airplay but he is very popular at college radio as  

are recordings by other artists on his label Tzadik>
The more melodic tracks by the Masada Quartet are staples on my evening 

program.  Any time I play a piece from the Masada Chamber ensembles, 
the 50th bday celebration discs, I receive an email from listener to 
ask what 
it was.  The piano recordings by Anthony Coleman also have some  very 
accessible material.
Much of the Tzadik stuff is too blown out for most mainstream jazz
but when we engage in our regular discussions about attracting a younger
audience, I have found that younger folks have a much greater interest
in this  
material by Zorn etal compared to the early 70s fusion that so many 50
year  old 
programmers think kids are into for some reason.
Dan Polletta

I've always had the distinct impression that Zorn was more or less a
fringe/poser sort of phenomenon--it's a good thing for certain people in
certain circles--e.g. proto-sophisticates in university towns--to SAY
they like. I'm kind of skeptical of his innate appeal to the young.

On the other hand, anyone who has much contact with musically interested
young folks knows fairly well how popular Weather Report is, say. That
trend has peaked, maybe, but I'm afraid those 50-year-old programmers
are a bit more in touch with the tastes of the 20 or so 20-somethings
that pass through our classes and volunteer corps station every year:
seventies fusion and music influenced by seventies fusion are pretty
important to many of them.

Zorn to a few, but not many.


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