[JPL] The Ballad of Valery Ponomarev. It's Their Way Or It's TheirWay.

Blaise Lantana blaise.lantana at riomail.maricopa.edu
Mon Sep 25 22:01:51 EDT 2006

This story about Valery is so sad, making the traveling life of a musician
even more difficult.  Having flown a lot this summer, it is just a bummer.
You can't count on being able to bring anything on the plane.  They change
the rules at a moment's notice.  Personally, I'm looking into train travel,
which is totally pathetic in the USA, but at least I'm not X rayed and

The musicians union has been trying to get this situation solved by
petitioning the airlines, there is currently a boycott of Delta by the
union, because they are one of the worst offenders in not allowing people to
bring their instruments on the plane.  

It may be time for a new paradigm,  perhaps the union could buy their own
jets or a music group could co-op a few.  Let's check with Clint Eastwood,
jazz supporter extrordinaire.  

I'm sure this kind of harassment wouldn't happen to Madonna. 

Blaise Lantana
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