[JPL] Bring the IAJE back to New Orleans ASAP

OntheBeach at aol.com OntheBeach at aol.com
Tue Sep 26 12:44:51 EDT 2006

Understanding that IAJE schedules some years in advance, here's hoping  
there's a plan to return it to New Orleans ASAP.
The previous IAJE in NOLA was memorable.  Now more than ever- as last  
night's MNF broadcast served to remind us-NOLA needs the support of tourists and  
professional associations to help facilitate the long road back to rebuilding  
this national treasure.
Kudos to ESPN for not being shy about pointing out the current state of  
affairs in NOLA, thirteen months post Katrina.  Despite promises from our  
president that we would be witness to "the greatest reconstruction project ever"  the 
state of things in NOLA remains beyond belief, a national embarrassment on a  
par with the Native American reservation system.
How many tens of billions of dollars? for what? where? IMPOSSIBLE!!!
kudos to spike lee, harry connick et al.
Rethink your next vacation or two--and try to include NOLA and Louisiana  [or 
in your plans. What our government wont do, the tourist dollar can begin  to.
ricky schultz

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