[JPL] RE: Bring the IAJE back to New Orleans ASAP

Arturo arturo893 at qwest.net
Tue Sep 26 13:48:03 EDT 2006

I love New Orleans, it is tied with San Francisco as my favorite city in the
USA, in fact as a Cuban-United Statesian N'Awlins is special for me because
it is a Caribbean city and The Quarter is very similar to Santiago de Cuba,
Cuba's 2nd largest city and like the Crescent City, a most musical town and
springboard for their respective nation's patrimony. My only reservation
with an IAJE is that limited if any benefit to those who need it the most in
New Orleans. IMO the Super Dome should've been way down the list of
priorites, schools, health facilites, infra-structure, city government
offices/personnel are more important as is the restoration of the wards
decimated by Katrina. I understand the shot in the arm the game was for
diversion but NOLA is not about football, it as about a unique culture and
music, about poor folks being displaced and forgotten, that is more
important! Moreover, in a musical rich city  the choices for entertainment
was appaling, why not have jazz, Fats Domino, The Nevilles, Dr John, The
Marsalis family or countless other more representative talent of the city on
national TV, what a travesty, such a shame. Worse of all due to the
aftermath, the choice of coin tosser turned my stomach.


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