[JPL] UJN Jazz Classics Playlist (jazzclassics2)

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Thu Sep 28 14:34:19 EDT 2006

Playlist for Jazz Classics (jazzclassics2)
  Fridays @ 2p 
  on Uptown Jazz Network
  Website: http://geocities.com/uptjazz
  Listen: http://www.live365.com/stations/uptown_jazz_net?play/
  1.        Woody Herman – Greasy Sack Blues 
  2.        Richie Cole & The Alto Madness Orchestra – Psyco-La-Tron
  3.        Tess Williams – Sunny Side Of The Street
  4.        Sathima Bea Benjamin – Lush Life
  5.        Norman Granz – Leap Here
  6.        Arnett Cobb / Eddie “Lockjaw” Davis – Go Red Go
  7.        Amanda Lane – East Street
  8.        Desi Arnaz Orchestra – Till We Meet Again
  9.        Art Blakey – Dat Dare

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