[JPL] Revisiting Ray and Basie

Peter Solomon psolomon at ideastations.org
Thu Sep 28 16:45:49 EDT 2006

I know that there was some discussion about the Ray / Basie material a few
weeks ago. 
I just received the disc and thought I'd share my thoughts . I won't even
address whether it's right to tamper with the artist's work after he's
dead. It seemed to me that the big band  arrangements are appropriate and
it succeeds for me on that level. I think there is a certain amount of
disparity in quality between the digitally recorded tracks and Ray's
voice, especially with what Patti Austin recorded. I wonder if the
digitally recorded tracks should have been degraded somewhat (or somewhat
more)  in the mixing process to match Ray's voice, kind of like what Ed
berger did on his recent big band cd. I also thought it was funny that one
of the song titles was "Look What They Did to My Song." A little
controversy gives me something to talk about on the air. 

There's my two cents. 
Peter Solomon 

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