RE: [JPL] Revisiting Ray's art with a Basie-less band

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Fri Sep 29 13:22:53 EDT 2006

It was good to see long time Ray Charles long time manager Joe Adams
hand in this recreation.  People who worked with Ray in his hey day like
Adams or the late great Sid Feller; the people who worked closest with
Ray needed to have their hands and minds in it to make sure it was
pulled off correctly.   I remember all of the hoopla a few weeks back
about this recording on JPL.  I myself had reservations about this
recording but not anymore.  I love Ray and Basie and I love the record.
It would be interesting to hear what people like Quincy Jones or Joel
Dorn think about it.

Bobby Jackson

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The art in this is in reconstruction, not performance. The genius is in
patching, not the singing and playing.
Tear down an old house, change the appearance, re-use some old wood and
new. The new house looks good. Do we praise the long-gone architect for

coming up with an ageless design, the original carpenter, or the

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