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Still Another Jazz Show  Nov 26
HERBIE MANN  “It Ain't Necessarily So”   AT THE
VILLAGE GATE   Atlantic Records
ANY BEY “Ain't Necessarily So” “Hey Love” “All The
Things You Are”    AIN'T NECESSARILY SO     1997 At
Birdland  12th  St. Records 
BOBBY TIMMONS  “So Tired”  “I Didn't Know What Time It
Was” IN PERSON  Live At The Village Vanguard, 1961    
 	Riverside Records
TOGETHER   Jazzed Media
KATIE BULL   	“Next Generation Doodlin'”  “Topanga
Canyon”   THE STORY SO FAR   Corn Hill Indie
BRENT JENSEN   “Sweet And Lovely”    ONE MORE MILE  
Origin Records
A TASTE OF CACAO  Latin Jazz with A Venezuelan Flavor 
  “Afro Cuban Dream” by Changuito,  “Mr “ by Horatio
“El Negro”  Hernandez     Cacao Musica
Blu Jazz label
MICHAEL CAMACHO    “My Friend”   “Here's To The Blues”
New Found Records
This edition of SAJS will involve three CD's in the
first hour. A recent release of  Andy Bey's live 1997
performance at Birdland, “Ain't Necessarily So,” is so
provocatively imperfect, there's an innate perfection.
 Beauty lies in the all the infinite precious moments,
where every mistake is  glorious absolution.  
Andy Bey hadn't been recorded since the sixties, 'Andy
And The Bey Sisters.' In 1993, he recorded “Ballads,
Blues And Bey.” It put him back on track as one of our
important post modern jazz vocalists.
Bey accompanies himself on the Birdland 1997 release.
Although he's not the best jazz pianist, his
performance fits so well into the overall concept to
make it memorable, where the  musician  reaches to the
audience and they give back the love, where the
musician, the audience and the music congeal a
oneness, almost sexual in reach. Think about it.
Leading to our first selection  on this program. Jazz,
being a cerebral/ physical experience, a live
performance can never be duplicated. The spontaneity
defies the notion, that our techo expertise can
replace the moment where a drum machine can fulfill
the real thing. Not quite.
My introduction to “World Music” was 1965, Atlantic
the early days of FM radio in Detroit and other new
found eclectic FM's in the U.S., where alternative
forms of music were exhibited, promoted, even
brandished in loose folk, free jazz and avant gard
rock formats. An early eclectic view of radio that
served divergent views of the community.
I hosted a nightly two hour jazz show at WQRS-FM, a
listener supported radio station, located in the
Macabees Building on Woodward avenue, mid town on the
Wayne State
University campus. Ed Love did his jazz show across
town on WCHD-FM and Jim Rockwell did his jazz show on
WABX-FM and Joni Mitchell was performing a folk music
duo in a small cabaret with her husband, Chuck
Mitchell, right down the street.
This Herbie Mann album ties me together with all this
in a sense that Detroit FM was alive and well as
Herbie Mann at the Village Gate. It's all about
memories of that moment. And they're still playing
this cd on the radio, today.  Mine was there. 
Yours are very personal, different and very poignant
and strong in your life.
In the 1964 session at the Village Gate,  Herbie Mann
had incredible percussion for this session, Ray
Mantilla, conga drum, Chief Bey, African drum &
percussion, with Rudy Collins, drums, Ahmad
Abdul-Malik bass and Hagood Hardy on vibraphone. 
There is so much a post modern African vibe and the
new world jazz, highlighted during this  Herbie Mann
and other European, African, Latin jazz sessions. 
We started the program with the Herbie Mann's long
version of “It Ain't Necessarily So.” Then we followed
up with ANDY BEY'S version, garnished with a funk and
dissonant piano tone which makes his version.   Andy
positions the old to the post modern better than
anyone. It's a pedigree to have 'been there, done
We began the next segment with Bey's live version of
Mary Roger's “Hey Love.” Mary's the daughter of
Richard Rodgers. Andy Bey sets this tune a slower pace
into seductively a slow dance. If you don't get it by
now. Andy Bey has set the tone for bright hazy slow
love. Bey is in full command and if you're addicted to
that kind of hipness then you're already aboard by
this time. This is what small jazz club nirvana is
about. The juices of mood, momentum and decor will
flow in you.
THE BOBBY TIMMONS TRIO is next with an original, “So
Tired” from the 1961,  IN PERSON cd, live at the
Village Vanguard. Timmons was known for his hard bop
catchy hooks and phrases, best of which was “Moanin.” 
This 'live' performance, shows his funky skills with
standards as well as originals, “Dat Dere” is a set
closer, then a very smooth, funky, “Popsy”will give
you up, to the Philly, Chicago and Detroit,  back in
the day, in a New York minute. 
Cliché, but so what!
Since we're into radio spectacle gig, we follow with
tempo “All The Things You Are.”  Bey uses those catchy
phrases as Bobby Timmons would, to set the tone. Since
Philadelphia  is so close to Newark, is there a
connection?  Close. Maybe. Not Quite.
 We close this hour in celebration of Andy Bey with
Herbie Mann and Bobby Timmons along with one of the
great Bobby Timmons hooks on “I Didn't Know What Time
It Was.”  It's starts with a funk, a flurry into a lap
straight hull, immovable in both opposite directions.
And this closes the first hour. 
MARVIN STAMM QUARTET opens the second hour of SAJS
with the title tune from the new ALONE TOGETHER cd.
These are highly esteemed musicians, Marvin Stamm,
Bill Mays, Rufus Reid and Ed Soph. Included is a DVD
of the live performance at Rising Jazz Stars in
Beverly Hills. It's a good example of how exciting,
articulate and joyful for everyone, a live performance
can be. 
Young progressive jazz vocalist KATIE BULL is next
from her latest, THE STORY, SO FAR. 
Katie Bull grew up in the New York Village eclectic
scene. Her dad was a piano player and dancer. She was
exposed to the cerebral and visual jazz scene. Surely,
 the Martha Graham influence would oblige.  The DVD is
very Celtic. Oh, the Irish, what would we do, if a
Celtic dancer, poet, actor was as gracious as Katie.
Ireland is very proud, anamorphic and pro biotic in
embracing the collective past, before Christ, before
Saint Patrick, when poets and musicians graced the
kings throne. 
We played “Next Generation, Doodlin' “ with a new
phrase and “Topanga Canyon,” another phraseology.
Katie Bull is an exciting, coercive, imbibing new jazz
vocalist. And doesn't need you or I to be validated.
In fact, her notoriety, it could be soon.
Saxophonist BRENT JENSEN concludes this segment with
his new cd, ONE MORE MILE.  We played “Sweet and
Lovely.” This is the band I remember when they
performed in this area, same time last year. Pianist
Bill Anschell is a factor, arranging the opening
lyric, Bill Anschell opens lots of space for 
arranging and energizing in  the title tune, “ ONE
MORE MILE.  Brent Jensen is an excellent saxophonist,
writer, arranger and teacher. We played “Sweet And
Lovely,” featuring a luminous various rendering of
this standard by Jensen.
The last segment of SAJS feature selections from a new
 We played a nice and mellow  “Afrocuban Dream
(Olakun)” with Changuito on timbale and Luis Felipe
Lamoglio on saprano sax. Then percussionist Horacio
“El Negro” Hernandez performs “Mr” from his latest cd 
MOUTIN REUNION QUARTET is next led by bassist Francois
 Moutin and his  twin  brother,  drummer Louis Moutin,
pianist Pierre de Bethmann and saxophonist Rick
Margitza.   We played “Free Speech” on the cd side of
the disk. When you turn it over there's a DVD
featuring the band. Interesting feature from BluJazz .
Francois currently resides in New York and Louis in
Paris.  Francois came to the U.S. as jazz pianist
Martial Solal's bass player.
Jazz vocalist MICHAEL CAMACHO  concludes this edition
of SAJS with  two selections from his new cd,  JUST
FOR YOU.   Camacho is a young singer, song writer from
New York City with an intimate style conducive to a
Cabaret atmosphere where the singer can reach you
(audience) with nostalgia and reflection, the kind of
persona that Bobby Short would project. His timber has
a contemporary “Ink Spots” equivocalness.  We played
two selections Michael Camacho co wrote with bassist
Francois Moutin. “My Friend” is a beautiful  tune as
the singer reminisces of a poignant friendship and
easily can be interpreted, as a noblesse oblige, in
French. We close with the another Camacho/Moutin
original “Here's To The Blues.”  Mose Allison would
love this!
Dick Crockett
“The Voice” 88.7fm
4623 T Street, Suite A 
Sacramento, Ca 95819-4743
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