[JPL] About the jazz in Citizen Kane, who knows the players?

r durfee rdurfee2003 at yahoo.com
Mon Dec 3 18:05:44 EST 2007


I've seen or taught Kane a few dozen times, but have
never recognized any players or seen any credited for
that sequence. Welles was very much a man of his time,
into many things, used jazz in other films, but has
never, to my knowledge, been characterized as a jazz
"buff." If you get an answer to your question, let me
know. thanks...roy

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> I know, I need to be chastised but believe it or not
> I have never seen one
> of the acknowledged masterpieces of cinema, Orson
> Welles' Citizen Kane, one
> of the few top 50 movies on everyone's list that I
> have not seen. Late
> Saturday night unwinding after a hectic day I was
> channel surfing when some
> stimulating music
> made me stop, it was a scene towards the end of
> Citizen Kane in an "open
> garden" party at night affair with some jazz
> musicians or actors portraying
> jazzers playing some jazz that for the movie's era
> seemed very ahead of its
> time, I couldn't think of anyone playing in that
> style at the time, almost
> free form. After the scene ended I switched channels
> as not to spoil the
> ending, I have already added the film to my queue at
> Netflix to watch in its
> entirety. A google search provided no clue as to the
> music or musicians from
> the O S T or other sources.
> Anyone here know about the music and the musicians?
> Was Orson Welles a jazz
> fan? It appears he was for including some jazz in
> the movie.
> Arturo
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